Adding Value, Changing Lives

We solve BBBEE related Skills Development Challenges in a meaningful way. As an Accredited Training Provider with a BBBEE Level 1 Scorecard, we offer Learnerships and Courses accredited with the following SETA’s: SERVICES SETA, CATHSSETA, W&R SETA and MICT SETA.

Training Solutions

We Are passionate about Training and Finding Solutions To Maximize Your BBBEE Points While Minimizing Your Spend.

Accredited Learnerships

Accredited Learnerships across different disciplines from NQF Level 1 to level 5. 



Accredited Short Courses

Accredited Short Courses that cover various skills within the workplace.  




Soft Skills Workshops

Workshops in internationally recognised sales, service and management concepts.




Online Workshops

Tailor-made Workshops for your entire staff at one low monthly premium. Score BBBEE points regardless of race and gender.

Our Solutions Driven Approach

Over the last 21 years in the education and training space, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and needs impacting this sector in South Africa.

On the one hand the restrictions, demands and skills challenges facing businesses with regards to BBBEE requirements and skilled labour shortages and on the other hand the high youth unemployment rate and skills related barriers to the job market entry. 

What we have learnt is that in this environment with so many industry sector codes, continuously changing legislation, and variables such as payroll, turnover, head-count, employment equity etc. one size does not fit all. 

As a result we have developed a product portfolio tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients in order to maximise their scorecards whilst minimising the related expenses and thereby solving BBBEE related Skills Development Challenges in a meaningful way

We offer Learnerships, Skills Programmes and Unaccredited Training Workshops, in class rooms, online and 1-on-1 tuition to employees, unemployed learners, people with disability on a large range of subjects. We furthermore offer Absorption Solutions, Enterprise Development and SED solutions. Depending on what the client needs we mix and match these solutions often with some innovative twists to ensure we maximise the Scorecard for the client and the learning opportunity for the learner. We do this in all metropolitan areas and several rural areas throughout  South Africa. Our highly skilled and dedicated team can offer you a solution too.

Case Studies

do you need help Achieving your BBBEE level?

Case studies outlining interesting BBBEE challenges that we have solved for our clients.

Accredited Learnerships

"Providing Quality Solutions For over 20 years"

With our carefully selected list of SETA Accredited Learnerships, we strive to strike a balance between portable skills and sector specific critical skills that empower learners and benefit organisations.

Student Applications

"submit specific documents to meet our requirements"

Are you an enthusiastic individual that wants to upskill yourself and better your opportunities for the future? Apply for one of our SETA Accredited Learnerships and let us help you reach your full potential. We have a range of courses available. Fill in the form and submit all the necessary documents in order to begin the Student Application process. Please note the age limit is between 18 – 29.

Stories of Hope

"Episode 1: Nosonto Pretty Myaka"

Nosonto’s story began when she was given the opportunity to go on a Business Administration Learnership at Edge Training which was sponsored by Geodis Wilson. She started out unemployed and living in poverty like so many others in South Africa. She was determined to change that narrative. With the lessons she learned and the focus to upskill herself, she managed to save money, build a house and open her own small shop that operates from her house.


"experience in many different industries"

We have worked with a variety of different companies in many different industries ranging from Logistics, Food and Beverage, Automation and Information Technology. With 21 years of experience and 500+ clients, we are ready to solve your BBBEE and skills development problems. Here are some of the clients we work with.


"What Some of Our Clients have To Say"


"We have a range of partners we support and work with"

The Baby Home Durban North

The Baby Home Durban North

The Baby Home is a safe haven for abandoned or orphaned babies & babies waiting to be adopted. 
Based in Durban North, close to La Lucia & Umhlanga.
The Wellness Centre Trust

The Wellness Centre Trust

The Wellness Centre Trust assists homeless & destitute people back into society on a sustainable level. Objective is to establish Centres in and around Durban and then Africa.

Made For More

Made for more organization

A Christian charity that aims to equip young people with the knowledge & understanding that there is value in their identity & the choices that they make.

Vuka Ukhanye Cleaning Company

Vuka Ukhanye Cleaning Company

Vuka Ukhanye Cleaning Company is a Level 1 BBBEE fully black female owned business which was established in January 2017. The company focuses on providing job opportunities and helping create platforms for disabled and disadvantaged people in South Africa.