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Wholesale and Retail Learnership

National Certificate:

Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership NQF Level 3

Level 3 | SAQA ID – 63409

Optimise your supply chain with our Wholesale and Retail Operations  NQF Level 3 learnership

Wholesale and Retail Learnership Overview

Accredited Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership

This learnership is suitable for individuals that are currently a part of or wish to be involved in the wholesale and retail operations sector. By competing this learnership students will be able to perform operation functions to industry standards, optimise productivity and improve service levels. They’ll also undergo personal development that will contribute to social and economic development. 

What your staff will learn

Details to know

Our learnerships are conducted with maximum use of practical application of the skills acquired. After facilitator led training has taken place via the course material, group work and scenario driven exchanges, learners will have the opportunity to relate the information back to their workplace. We offer a fun and relaxed learning environment, where participants will learn from each other, gain knowledge and acquire skills that will result in improved work performance.

This learnership is suitable for individuals that are a part of or are interested in getting involved in the wholesale and retail operations sector.

Learners accessing this qualification are assumed to be competent in:

• Communication at NQF level 2
• Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 2

This qualification will serve to further develop learners who have achieved the NQF Level 2: National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations. It will also serve new-comers to the operations function, school leavers and the currently unemployed.

After completing a Wholesale and Retail Operations NQF Level 3 learnership an individual can work in the following roles: 

  • Store Manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Sales Representative
  • Inventory Controller
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sellers: Sales Persons and Assistants, Representatives
  • Cashiers
  • General and Finance Administrators
  • Trade Union Officials
  • Merchandisers
  • Checkout Operators and Office Cash Clerks
  • General Clerks

This learnership is accredited with W&RSETA, a learnership quality assurance service that specialises wholesale and retail. By choosing a learnership that is accredited with a SETA, you can ensure you are obtain BEE points for your Skills Development efforts and your students receive an  education that is of high quality.

Businesses that we have done staff training for:

Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership

Why you should choose this Learnership

How to make the most of a Wholesale and Retail Learnership

Develop a deeper understanding of wholesale and retail best practices in South Africa. This includes understanding market dynamics and industry regulations

Adapting to industry trends. This learnership gives students the tools to stay on top of trends, customer behaviour and technological advancements

Compliance with industry regulations. Learners will become aware of regulations in customer protection, labour practices, health, safety and more to avoid legal issues

Wholesale and Retail Operations Modules

Wholesale and Retail Operations Level 3 Modules

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