Skills Development is the core of our business


Training through Accredited Learnerships across different industries and sectors


We offer Accredited Short Courses that cover various skills within the workplace


We offer One Day Workshops in internationally recognised sales, service and management concepts


We offer Tailor-made Workshops for your entire staff at one low monthly premium

Skills Development

The courses are conducted with maximum use of practical application of the skills acquired. After facilitator led training has taken place via the course material, group work and scenario driven exchanges, learners will have the opportunity to relate the information back to their workplace. Within a relaxed and more fun environment, participants will learn from each other, gaining knowledge and acquiring skills that will result in improved work performance.


As a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor, we understand the complexity and challenges that our clients face when working to improve there compliance and status. With experience working in both the private and public sectors for small and large companies, Edge has a deep understanding of transformation in the workplace, the importance that Skills Development has on South Africa’s unemployment issue all whilst rewarding our clients with financial Tax benefits.

We are accredited with the following SETA’s, which vary through different industries such as Technology, Hospitality, Sport, Food and Beverage, Wholesale & Retail and Transport to name a few.

Core Values

We believe that in order to succeed we need to instill the correct value system for our staff and learners alike. We use four simple values that reiterate our slogan and individually play a part in “Adding Value, Changing Lives”. As our name stands, we are EDGE and with that comes the responsibility to:


We focus on the ability to add value to the lives of our learners  through our courses as well as important life skills and knowledge that goes beyond conventional education. By enriching our learners lives, we are helping produce a standard of quality into the South African workforce.


We focus our efforts into the development of each learner from when they apply to when they leave with their certificates in hand. By developing learners we are advancing their ability to understand, formulate and solve problems in the workplace.


Another major focus is the growth of our learners. The valuable information they are taking home and utilizing to better equip themselves and create opportunities which could positively change or influence their current circumstances.


The last pillar we focus on is the ability to empower our learners by changing their mindsets and inspiring them to build confidence. We create opportunities, but it is also our responsibility to help drive them to succeed and take control of their own lives.


The Edge Facilitators are experienced, subject matter experts who have the ability to deliver the material and content in an exciting manner. Connecting with the learners and creating these deeper engagements in the classroom, ultimately reiterates the point of Adding Value, Changing Lives. 


Legal Disclaimer. We will not spam, rent or sell your information. Never submit sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords.