Skills Development is the core of our business.

Accredited Learnerships

Training through Accredited Learnerships across different industries and sectors.

Accredited Short Courses

We offer Accredited Short Courses that cover various skills within the workplace.

Behavioral Changing Workshops

We offer Workshops in internationally recognised sales, service and management concepts.

Online Workshops

We offer Tailor-made Workshops for your entire staff at one low monthly premium. 


Skills Development

The courses are conducted with maximum use of practical application of the skills acquired. After facilitator led training has taken place via the course material, group work and scenario driven exchanges, learners will have the opportunity to relate the information back to their workplace and to practice their skills through the use of brainstorming, problem solving, case studies, role-plays and copy written training exercises. Within a relaxed and more fun environment, participants will learn from each other, gaining knowledge and acquiring and reinforcing skills that will result in improved work performance.


The Edge Facilitators are experienced, subject matter experts who have the ability to deliver the material and content in an exciting manner. Connecting with the learners and creating these deeper engagements in the classroom, ultimately reiterates the point of Adding Value, Changing Lives. 

Skills development


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