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Work Readiness Programme

Give students workplace opportunities

Work readiness programme

Gain workers with the right work skills in your company

Create work opportunities that grow the South African economy

How our work readiness programme works

Standing at 64.18%, It’s no secret that the youth unemployment rate in South Africa is in a bad state. That’s why Step-In has created an online portal which enables our hosting partners to load available work opportunities within their organisations. Filling these positions gives the Hosting Partner an opportunity to host young people currently on learnerships with Edge Training (Pty) Ltd

The Partner Network has been established to make a marked contribution to creating youth employment by providing a conducive learning environment and finding workplace opportunities for our learners.

Work readiness programme
Work readiness programme

Developing Talent, Creating Work Opportunities

Our learners attend classes once a week for a 12-month period. The workplace portion of this programme would be dependent on how far the learner has progressed through their course material at the time they are placed with the organisation.

Before the learners are placed, they will complete Edge Training’s Work readiness programme that is facilitated by our Step-In Team along with the Edge Training facilitators. 

By initiating this partnership between Employers, Training Provider and our Hosting Partners, we are working together to equip young people with the skills and workplace experience they need to improve their employability, further enabling them to successfully enter the labour market.

What is a work readiness programme?

The reality of entering the world of work can be very different from what you first expect, especially for a new recruit. That’s why we’ve developed a workplace readiness programme that equips our students with all they need to confidently enter into the workplace. A workplace readiness programme covers the attitudes, behaviours, soft skills and professional skills a learner needs to know before entering their new job. Our workplace readiness programme focuses on developing communication skills, work readiness, interview skills, curriculum vitae building, and other vital skills needed for the work environment.

The Step In Process

Work readiness programme

First, you'll need to register your company as a Hosting Partner on the Step-In portal

Work readiness programme

Load your job specifications of what you are looking for to the Step-In portal

Work readiness programme

Once your job specification is approved it will be loaded to the Step-In learner app

Work readiness programme

Learners that are interested in your position will apply through the Step-In app

Work readiness programme

Our team will shortlist 3 candidates by matching your specs to their learnership

Work readiness programme

The Hosting Partner will interview the candidates and make their selection

Success Stories

“The ability to buy my family groceries and see the kids dancing with such joy sets my heart alight with fulfillment.” 


“They gave us an opportunity to learn and work so they financially backed us up for our living expenses.”


“With Edge Training dreams don’t get tamed, they soar as wild as they are.”



Work readiness programme
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