People are central to all our decisions. We love Indians, Coloureds, Africans, Whites and every other shade of human you can find!

 Diversity in demographics can and should be the real strength of our country. We believe in celebrating everyone’s uniqueness because we believe the more varied the points of view, cultures and expectations in our society are the more all of us are exposed to the fact that we are not right about anything, but rather that we have an interesting point of view and so does the other person. 

For us, celebrating our uniqueness and embracing our individual differences is the obvious way to thrive in a multi-cultural society. Respecting and even leveraging cultural diversity is the opposite of the polarisation which the algorithmic filter-bubble of social media is driving our societies across the globe into.

Our company culture is one of respect and camaraderie in which growth and development of people takes centre stage at all times. 


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About Edge Training
About Edge Training

Our Focus

We solve BBBEE related skills development challenges in a meaningful way





Edge Core Values

We believe that in order to succeed we need to instill the correct value system for our staff and learners alike. We use four simple values that reiterate our slogan and individually play a part in “Adding Value, Changing Lives”. As our name stands, we are EDGE and with that comes the responsibility to:


We focus on the ability to add value to the lives of our learners  through our courses as well as important life skills and knowledge that goes beyond conventional education. By enriching our learners lives, we are helping produce a standard of quality into the South African workforce.


We focus our efforts into the development of each learner from when they apply to when they leave with their certificates in hand. By developing learners we are advancing their ability to understand, formulate and solve problems in the workplace.


Another major focus is the growth of our learners. The valuable information they are taking home and utilizing to better equip themselves and create opportunities which could positively change or influence their current circumstances.


The last pillar we focus on is the ability to empower our learners by changing their mindsets and inspiring them to build confidence. We create opportunities, but it is also our responsibility to help drive them to succeed and take control of their own lives.

Stories of Hope

These are some of the positive stories which have been influenced through our work. Our goal with this initiative is to bring about positive change and uplift others using social media. We share these stories to show what people are capable of when given the right opportunity.

nosonto Pretty Myaka

Nosonto’s story began when she was given the opportunity to go on a Business Administration Learnership at Edge Training which was sponsored by Geodis Wilson. She started out unemployed and living in poverty like so many others in South Africa. But she was determined to change that narrative and so with the lessons she learnt and the focus to upskill herself, she managed to save money, build a house and open her own small tuck shop that would operate from her household…


siphamandla Dlamini

Sipha’s story started with an idea, but no means or resources to make it happen and follow his dream. Whilst living at Malacca Road informal settlement, Sipha and many other children wanted to play league soccer. However, they had no money, transport, kits or space to practice and play. Through the Seed Fund, Sipha was given the chance to put together a team and with the help of many sponsors around Durban, was able to enter a full squad into the league…

michael Nzama

Michael’s story highlights the struggle of addiction/alcohol abuse and how one person with the right help and influence can change and overcome this problem. Michael decided to attend a gathering run by the Wellness Centre and went from being homeless with no hope to having an opportunity to complete a learnership at Edge Training, sponsored by FH Bertling
Logistics and is now four months sober thanks to the help of Anthem Recovery…

Edge National Footprint

The National Footprint represents the work Edge Training has been doing over 21 years regarding the solutions we have provided country-wideWe have been able to assist clients in all nine provinces within South Africa whether it be Learnerships or Short Skills courses

Edge Training Footprint