Sponsoring a disabled person on a learnership may be daunting at first.
There are many questions :

How do I find a disabled person to sponsor?
How do I get the right demographic to maximise my scorecard?
What paperwork is involved?
How do I know I'm doing it right to get my tax break?
How do I manage disabled people in our factory or work environment?
How much time and effort will it take from supervisors and managers?
How do I get the learner absorbed at the end to get those points too?
Can I score Enterprise Development points as well?
What about SED?

I know exactly what I need
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The great news is that Edge Training is able to solve all those issues
and simplify the process for your business. We handle the learner off site
and take care of most of the paperwork for you too.

With 19 year's experience, we are an accredited Training provider and
a registered college with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

We are a proud Level 2 BEE contributor (125% claim) that is hell bent on
stealing back the dream for the forgotten youth in our country.

If you need the points,
we have a lot of people who need YOUR opportunity.

I know exactly what I need
Please send me a quote
INFORMATION on 087 135 5543

Some examples of where lives have been changed :

Nqobile Khuzwayo and Nonhlanhla Sigwebela
Business Administration Learnership

These two hard working woman completed their learnership with the hope of finding employment.
Both of them showed discipline and focus throughout the learnership and because of this
they found work in no time and were able to start providing proper meals for their families
as well as improving their household standards of living.
For them, this learnership provided the platform and opportunity to change their life for the better.

A group of our Disabled Deaf Learners
Hygiene and Cleaning Learnership

A number of our deaf learners who completed their Hygiene and Cleaning Learnership
were absorbed by Vuka Ukhanye Cleaning Company.
They are now working full time as cleaners in reputable restaurants around Durban.
This has given them all a chance to succeed in life whereas before they struggled to
comprehend surviving day to day life because of their disabilities.

Lulamile Makala
Hygiene and Cleaning Learnership

He had completed his learnership and after some assistance in preparing his C.V,
Lulamile approached many companies with a positive attitude, confidence and great smile.
Because of this, a company approached Lulamile and employed him as a full-time cleaner.
Our learnerships are a stepping stone for our learners to move forward in life.
Not only do we cover the required material but we equip them with the tools to
make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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